Torii  have been organising tours since 1980. USA, UK, Europe, Russia, Southern Africa, Asia and New Zealand.Thousands of satisfied passengers make for one of the most trusted names in the tour industry today. Many of our passengers have been on 20 plus tours over the years, and are still travelling with us. We are proud of our product and if you would like to speak to some of our satisfied passengers we would be delighted to provide you with contact details. It is our ambition to exceed our clients expectations, and if our tour surveys are an indication we regularly succeed. Our programs are designed as organised relaxed inclusive tours, new passengers are surprised at the friendly holiday atmosphere when travelling with Torii. Once you have purchased your tour there is no "optional tours" to purchase. Our programs are planned around the convenience of our passengers and this will become obvious in the first days of your holiday. On free days or nights our tour leaders provide programs which are available to you in the company of other tour members or you are free to explore independently. On a recent Tour to the USA we had a 23 year old pilot with 3,000 hours and a 91 year old pilot still flying his own aircraft. Aviation enthusiasts feel at ease on a Torii Tour. Feel free to call and discuss your next aviation adventure.

Torii Tour Passengers Europe.

Who will you travel with?

The "Usual Suspects" a fraternity of aviation enthusiasts.

Inspired by the movie Casablanca Torii Tour members who travel to Oshkosh, Warbirds over Wanaka , Farnborough , Paris, MAKs Moscow, and other air shows regularly have become known as "The Usual Suspects". This fraternity of aviation enthusiasts have evolved from participation in Torii's aviation programs and meet informally at aviation events in Australia and around the world. Not restricted to travelling with Torii (we do not cover every aviation event) they happily socialize at all major aviation meets - you know who you are and Torii is proud of our contribution to this group of inclusive, cheerful, aviation experts known as