Why we go to Omaka Classic Fighter

Living history: The airshow aims to provide a glimpse into the past, and it features reenactments, historical displays, and other educational elements that help to bring the history of these aircraft and the people who flew them to life.

Expertly restored aircraft: Many of the aircraft on display at the Omaka Classic Fighters airshow have been expertly restored to their original condition and are in flying condition.

Aerial displays: The airshow features a variety of aerial displays and demonstrations, including dogfight reenactments, flybys, and aerobatics.

Location: Omaka is located in the heart of the Marlborough wine region in New Zealand, which is a popular tourist destination known for its beautiful scenery, wines and outdoor activities.

Timing: The airshow is held during the Easter weekend which is a great time to visit New Zealand, with typically good weather and less crowded than the summer months.

Supporting a good cause: The Omaka Classic Fighters airshow is a charity event, with proceeds going to support the restoration and preservation of the aircraft on display, as well as educational initiatives that promote an understanding of the role these aircraft played in history.